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What is a creditor matrix?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | Bankruptcy

One of the primary reasons that you may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy is that you could benefit from the protection afforded by the automatic stay. If creditors stop demanding payment, you can catch your breath. If a foreclosure action is halted, you can work to save your home. If your wages are no longer garnished, you may be able to pay for everyday expenses.

Have you stopped to think about how your creditors will learn that they have to stop hounding you (with very few exceptions) until your bankruptcy case has been resolved? When you submit your bankruptcy petition to the court, the court will notify your creditors of your decision to file for bankruptcy and of their obligations per the automatic stay.

Before the court can send your creditors notice of your bankruptcy filing, you’ll need to tell the court who your creditors are. That is where a creditor matrix (or “mailing matrix”) comes in.

Prepare your list with attention to detail

You are not permitted to list your creditors and their contact information in any way you please. There are precise rules for how this list needs to be completed, and you must attest that it is accurate. It’s very important that you list all of your creditors because any debts/creditors that you don’t list in your petition will not be subject to the court’s discharge efforts.

It is also important to follow the court’s rules in regard to how complete this and all of your documents correctly. If you have questions about how to craft this part of your bankruptcy petition, you can seek legal guidance at any time.


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