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It's a new year. Do you need a new financial plan?

January is often a financially stressful month for many Tennessee consumers. You may relate, if you have come away from the holiday season with a whopping amount of credit card debt due to expenses associated with gift purchases or other issues. Perhaps you wound up having to swipe your credit card at the gas pump more than usual while traveling to visit relatives during the holidays.

Options for eliminating credit card debt

In the world of debt, there are two primary forms that Tennessee residents should understand. The first is secured debt which is any type of debt associated with a real item that acts as collateral. Examples of secured debt include mortgages and auto loans that are connected to homes and vehicles. The other type of debt is unsecured, meaning there is no collateral associated with it. Credit card debt is perhaps the most common type of unsecured debt that plagues Americans.

State ethics officials frustrated at pace of bankruptcy case

There often is a stigma that surrounds personal bankruptcy, in that many in Nashville may view it as simply a form of escape. Their opinion might be that those filing are looking to escape from financial responsibilities that result from frivolous (or in some cases, even unethical) decisions. Bankruptcy is indeed meant to be a tool to help those in financial distress, yet might there actually be scenarios when debtors attempt to use that tool deceitfully? 

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