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March 2018 Archives

Understanding chapter 7 bankruptcy

When extended periods of financial pressure have taken their toll, filing bankruptcy can appear as a light at the end of the tunnel. However, many Tennesseans in these tough situations are confused in regard to what, exactly, bankruptcy might mean. Above all else, Chapter 7 bankruptcy aims to help consumers get back on a balanced financial track and get back to their lives. Below are some additional aspects involved in this type of plan.

The truth about minimum payment traps

When most Tennesseans think of credit card debt, medical bills or holiday shopping might be the first culprits to come to mind. However, one tricky factor at play in the wallets of many is that of minimum payment traps. Some are aware that such methods of paying off debt can be risky, but there are times when a credit trap can seriously affect an individual's wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Should you be considering bankruptcy more seriously?

Your financial situation is a mess. You have mountains of unpaid bills and creditors calling, and you have likely lost sleep due to the stress your financial instability has caused. You may feel that you have become the sole survivor of a sinking ship, but you are not alone when it comes to dealing with debt problems. Numerous people across the country face similar circumstances, but while this idea may seem somewhat comforting, it does not necessarily help you deal with your money problems.

Debt, unemployment and america's job growth

Along with the plethora of other topics under the current American spotlight, unemployment continues to be a prominent concern. Despite these concerns, recent reports show that job growth in the nation is climbing slowly, but steadily. Tennesseans dealing with the many struggles of debt understand the impact it can make on one's personal life and on a family. Could this slight increase in the country's jobs continue in the coming months?

Emergency savings may help, but what if you have none?

Tennessee is by no means isolated from the tremendous economic fluctuation the rest of the nation has experienced in the past couple of decades. If you consider your lifestyle one of average means, you likely have good and bad times concerning finances. Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who received a raise in pay this year. On the other hand, maybe the extra financial breathing room proved short-lived when unexpected health problems arose.

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