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February 2017 Archives

Medical debt continues to be a problem for many American families

When dealing with financial struggles in Tennessee, people are often forced to pick and choose what to spend their money on. Unfortunately, a new study found that for many, that means cutting down on medical care. According to the Atlantic, problems with paying for medical debt plagues over 25 percent of households.

Understanding credit card interest rates

Using credit cards is a part of everyday life for many people in Davidson. While some are able to pay off their balances each month and avoid making interest payments, others have balances that continue to accrue over time. Therefore, it may be helpful for those people to understand how interest rates work.

I have made all of my Chapter 13 payments: now what?

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tennessee can feel daunting at the beginning but the good news is that it does not last forever. After your case was initially filed, a payment plan was worked out whereby you would repay all of your debts covered by the bankruptcy. Once you successfully complete all of those payments, your bankruptcy can be discharged.

What is the average amount of credit card debt most people have?

Using a credit card to make a purchase in Tennessee can sometimes be a smart financial move. However, other times it can seriously hurt your finances, especially if you are using a credit card to make everyday purchases and have no means of paying off your balances. If you are carrying outstanding balances on your credit cards, it may be reassuring to hear that many other Americans are in the same boat. Here is a look at how much the average American owes in credit card debt.

Student loan debt affects unexpected demographic: seniors

Earning a college education is an important goal that many parents in Davidson want for their children. Therefore, many of those families take out student loans in order to be pay for things like tuition and room and board. However, when the loans are in the parents’ or grandparents’ names and those people begin to age out of the workforce, financial problems may ensue.

Trump puts the financial reform of the Great Recession in his crosshairs

Those who remember the Great Recession of 2008 (quite a hefty economic collapse second only to the Great Depression) will recognize names like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Millions due from mortgage servicers after customers lied to

Buying a home is an exciting and important milestone for many people in Tennessee. However, when money gets tight, the dream can sometimes turn into a nightmare as people struggle to make their mortgage payments. Finding a way to keep their home then becomes a top priority for many people who are burdened with large amounts of debt.

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