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October 2014 Archives

Some steps to rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy filing

We have written before about the misconceptions many have about the fallout from filing bankruptcy. One thing uppermost in the minds of many who may be struggling with debt issues is whether filing for bankruptcy will wind up sending their credit scores into the coal scuttles.

Even if Chapter 7 document doesn't seem to apply, submit it anyway

The rules of the bankruptcy court make clear that you don't have to have an attorney's help to go through the process. That might seem to suggest that the process is so simple that an experienced lawyer's assistance might be an unnecessary expense.

Affordable Care Act doesn't mean care is always affordable

Health insurance has been considered a "nice-to-have" thing for a long time. Until the Affordable Care Act came along such coverage was typically easiest for Tennessee residents to obtain through an employer. It even is considered to be a major selling point for businesses recruiting new hires. Having a job is great. Having a job with health care benefits is better.

Is HELOC revival reason to worry about more foreclosures?

The HELOC is back. Someone unfamiliar with that term might be prompted to think that it's a tease for some horror film or the latest in Marvel Comic adventure movies. Well, even someone who is familiar with it might think there's cause for alarm because of fears it might mean resurgence in instances of a consumer being threatened with having a home taken away.

Recessions end doesn't always mean an end to hard financial times

It was not very long ago that we published an article about the challenges many in Tennessee face. Even though the recession was formally declared over quite awhile ago, the article noted that many Americans still struggle. And many have found themselves on the wrong side of a court order that has resulted in them seeing their wages garnished by a creditor.

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