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January 2017 Archives

Are women more likely to end up in foreclosure than men?

Being foreclosed on is something that no Knoxville homeowner wishes or expects to happen. But for many people in Tennessee, foreclosure is an unfortunate reality. According to a new study, your gender may actually play a role in whether you are at risk for ending up in foreclosure.

What do I need to know about bankruptcy and my tax obligations?

As the saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Dealing with tax obligations can be overwhelming and stressful under the best of circumstances. If you are also facing bankruptcy in Tennessee, the situation may feel even more distressing. That is why it is important for you to know a few key facts about how your bankruptcy may influence your tax situation.

When facing large medical bills, crowdfunding not the way to go

Facing large medical bills can be very stressful for those in Davidson when they do not have the means to pay them. That is why some people turn to crowdfunding websites to try to raise money to help them pay their debt. However, a recent study has shown that crowdfunding may not be the best option, as the success rate is fairly low.

Credit bureaus ordered to pay millions for deceitful practices

Most consumers in Tennessee have heard about credit scores and how important a role they can play in one’s financial outlook. Credit reports are also a valuable tool, in that they give a detailed look at a person’s credit history. Both credit scores and credit reports can be vital information for those who are considering bankruptcy as a means of relief.

Is help with student loan debt available if I am disabled?

If you are disabled and are burdened with student loan debt, there may be some assistance available to you from the federal government. While many types of student loans are not dischargeable except in certain circumstances, those who are disabled do have access to resources.

What a bankruptcy can mean for your employment prospects

People who file for bankruptcy in Tennessee are most likely aware of how that can affect things like their credit score and their ability to qualify for certain types of loans. However, they might be surprised to learn that a bankruptcy can also affect a person’s ability to find employment in some situations.

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