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February 2016 Archives

Can I negotiate a lower credit card interest rate?

Yes, you may be able to lower the interest rate on your credit card simply by making a phone call to your credit card company or bank. While it may not always be possible to lower the rate or reduce it by a significant amount, it is worth at least trying if it will save you money and lessen your debt in the long run.

Debt collection a big consumer complaint in 2015

Each year, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance's Division of Consumer Affairs gathers information about consumer complaints. Of the more than 4,000 complaints that were received in 2015, 293 of them related to debt collection, making this the third biggest category of complaints. Consumers reported being harassed by phone calls from debt collection agencies and being called repeatedly concerning matters where they were not the debtor the agency was looking for.

Are annuities protected from creditors in Tennessee?

Yes, they are. Similar to IRAs and other retirement accounts, annuities are protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy. An earlier blog post discussed retirement accounts and what bankruptcy protections apply to them in further detail. However, annuities and life insurance policies are forms of asset protection which many Tennessee residents may not be as familiar with.

Tennessee housing market improves slightly in 2015

It looks as though the housing market in Tennessee continued its upward trend toward improvement in 2015. The ratio of delinquent home loans to total loans and the foreclosure rate went down compared to the 12 month period prior. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, only one in every 112 properties in Tennessee had at least one foreclosure in 2015.

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