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March 2016 Archives

How billing errors increase medical debt

When many Tennessee patients receive a bill from their doctor, they likely pay it without examining it too closely. If the funds are not immediately available, the bill may end up going on a credit card and driving a patient into debt. However, NBC News reports that medical billing errors may occur at a rate as high as 80 percent. Therefore, consumers would be wise to review their bills before submitting any payments.

Bouncing back from a foreclosure

Having their home foreclosed on leaves many Tennesseans feeling downhearted and pessimistic. However, just because someone goes through a foreclosure does not mean that his or her financial future is ruined or that they will never be able to buy another home.

Air ambulance rides can leave patients with severe medical debt

When a serious accident occurs, it is sometimes necessary for a patient to be air lifted in order to get the treatment they need as soon as possible. While this rapid transport may save the patient's life, it may also leave them with a hefty bill.

How the Affordable Care Act has increased medical debt

One of the main purposes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to ensure that every person has access to health insurance. That goal has largely been accomplished as millions of previously uninsured Americans are now covered by some kind of health insurance policy. However, many people in Tennessee are finding that having insurance has not prevented them from incurring medical related debt.

Many people have more credit card debt than savings

Many Tennesseans are saddled with more credit card debt than they would like and less savings for a rainy day. However, it may surprise them to learn that they are not alone. Bankrate reports that only half of all Americans have more money put away as emergency savings than what they owe in credit card debt.

Proposed legislation would change how medical debt affects credit

For the over 43 million people who have medical debt on their credit reports, a new proposal could bring them some assistance. reports that five Democratic Senators have introduced a new piece of federal legislation that would offer Tennesseans some credit score relief.

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