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December 2018 Archives

Holiday spending and consumer debt

For many residents in Tennessee, the holiday season can be a bit of a mixed bag, emotionally speaking. On one hand, people love to have extra time to spend with family members that they might not get to see often or to attend fun holiday celebrations. On the other hand, there can be quite a cost to the holiday season and that cost extends beyond even the gift buying that American consumers seem unable to avoid to things like hosting parties or travelling to visit family. For people already struggling to make ends meet, this can put a big strain on their financial situation.

Chef's restaurant empire falls to Chapter 7

There may be a great deal of negative connotations associated with bankruptcy, yet in reality, such an action is often a filer's best chance at re-establishing themselves in a favorable financial position. Federal bankruptcy laws are in place to prevent people in Nashville from abusing the protections that bankruptcy provides, so the assumption of bankruptcy being misused by people who have been irresponsible with their money is largely incorrect. Indeed, those facing bankruptcy may often be on the verge of financial ruin due to their liabilities when bankruptcy finally becomes a viable option. 

Qualifying for Chapter 13

Many of the Nashville clients who come to us here at Rothschild & Ausbrooks, PLLC do so with the intention of filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you share the same intent, it is likely due to the fact that a Chapter 7 allows you to discharge many of your debts. Yet this benefit is not made available to all in order to prevent it from being abused. As you may already know, you first must pass the Chapter 7 means to determine whether or not you qualify. 

Paying off students loans even though you didn't get your degree?

Many Tennessee residents feel that earning a college degree is the key to success. Unfortunately, some find that is not the case. In fact, some find that college is something  they cannot finish for any number of reasons, so they drop out. If you had to take out student loans to fund your education, regardless if you finished or left your program, you still have to pay off your loans.

Embattled USA gymnastics seeks bankruptcy protection

When people run into financial distress in Tennessee, it can be difficult for them to see a way out of their current situation. Fortunately, there are several options including consolidating debt and selling off assets to try and turn things around. In some cases, bankruptcy can be a valuable solution that can provide immediate relief. However, people should be aware that like other forms of debt relief, bankruptcy comes with its own set of challenges. 

Credit card debt and holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and for many residents in Tennessee, that means the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Unfortunately, the desire to show someone how much they mean has become attached to dollar values and that can lead some people to overspend at this time of year. 

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