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Signs that it might be time to consider seeking debt relief

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While dealing with debt can be a stressful and intimidating process, taking on some level of debt could also be a part of life. Unfortunately, what might start out as a necessary financial endeavor could develop into a growing concern over time, potentially leaving you struggling just to get by.

Debts can come in various forms and can leave you suffering a lesser quality of life for extended periods. Although there are a variety of options to help you seek relief from similar trials, knowing how to tell when your situation turns from manageable to alarming could prove challenging at times.

Signs of a growing concern

Because issues with debt can affect various areas of your life, taking steps to prevent your financial burdens from growing out of control could prove imperative. Some of the ways to tell it might be time to explore your available options for relief may include:

  • Rising balances: If you are only able to make the minimum payments due each month or you are constantly falling behind, your account balances may only continue to rise at an exponential level.
  • Maxed out: Having even one account with a maxed-out balance could be a sign of financial struggle and the minimum payments on such accounts might not even be enough to cover the interest.
  • Rely on credit: Scenarios in which you feel it necessary to rely on credit accounts just to get by or use your accounts to pay down other debts can also be signs of a growing issue.
  • No safety net: Debt can also disrupt your ability to build up a financial safety net and being unable to save for the future can affect your life in various ways.

Even if you feel it is time to take action to keep debt from disrupting your future, knowing how to choose the correct path for relief could also be an intimidating task.

Advice moving forward

With a variety of options to consider and aspects to address, preparing to pursue relief from the burdens of debt can be a complex process. Prior to choosing a path, it might be in your best interest to consider speaking with someone who is knowledgeable in federal and Tennessee state bankruptcy laws for guidance in making informed decisions about your situation. In doing so, you may find yourself in a much better position to pursue relief through the proper channels and begin working toward building a brighter financial future.


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