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You Can Rely On Our Experienced Team To Guide You Confidently Through The Bankruptcy Process.

Let Bankruptcy Eliminate Your Debt

When your debts are discharged, it means you will not have to repay them. The creditors can no longer try to collect on the debts, and you are no longer legally required to pay them. Discharging your debts is the ultimate goal of the bankruptcy process.

We understand that struggling with overwhelming debt can be extremely stressful. At Rothschild & Ausbrooks, PLLC, our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience helping people just like you in Goodlettsville and throughout Tennessee. We know how to guide you through the bankruptcy process and toward the discharge of your debts.

Are You Eligible for the Discharge?

You can discharge debt under all chapters of bankruptcy. There are some differences in the way debt is discharged under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, however. While the discharge in Chapter 7 happens within a matter of weeks, the discharge in Chapter 13 comes after the completion of a repayment plan of three to five years.

Before you decide to file for bankruptcy, it is important to make certain you can discharge most of your debt. Our attorneys will carefully review your case. We will talk to you about the types of debt you have. If there are any debts that will not be discharged in bankruptcy, we will discuss how the discharge of all other debts will make it easier to pay off those that are not discharged.

There May Be Debts You Want to Keep

This may seem strange but you may not want to discharge all of your debt. If you want to keep your car, for example, you will have to continue making your car payments. The same is true with your house. Depending on your goals and assets, discharging every debt may not be right for you. Under Chapter 13, you can reduce the monthly payments on your mortgage and car loan, which will allow you to keep these assets.

Every bankruptcy case is different, every debt discharge is different and our attorneys know how to make certain that your case is handled according to your specific needs.

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