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Older debts might show up again later

What can happen if a debt collection agency tries to recover an old debt? Is there a time limit after which creditors can no longer go after Tennessee residents? According to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debt collectors usually have a statute of limitations of two years – sometimes longer – before they are no longer allowed to sue for an older debt.

Managing credit card debt in a healthy way

The holidays are here and this means that retailers and other companies are offering huge sales to entice people in Davidson to spend money. Often, people will put these purchases on their credit card in order to grant gift wishes their children, friends or family members have. However, using plastic to buy things must be done with great care.

What should you put in a cease harassment letter?

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from credit collectors, one option you have is to write a cease and desist letter. This essentially tells the creditor to stop contacting you, but it is important to include certain information within the letter for it to be effective.

Should you accept that debt balance transfer offer?

You see them all the time – offers that arrive in the mail from a credit card company that offer you a zero percent interest if you transfer your current credit card debt to a new card. The offer is a tempting one and causes you to think about the freedom it could offer you. However, is this offer really as good as it seems?

How does filing for bankruptcy impact your credit card debt?

Like many in Nashville, and throughout Tennessee, you may have credit card debt. Whether these debts are due to overspending, an unexpected situation or emergency, or any other number of factors, you may have considered filing for bankruptcy. At Rothschild & Ausbrooks, PLLC, people often ask us about the effect of bankruptcy on credit card debts. In this post, we will comment on how credit card debts are handled during bankruptcy cases.

Questions to ask about bankruptcy

The process of getting unburied from mounds of credit card bills and other debt, especially in the face of ongoing creditor harassment, can be daunting for many Tennessee residents. If you are like many other consumers, you may feel unsure of where to turn for help and what your options are. Filing for bankruptcy can be one avenue to consider when you need help to find a way to a better financial future.

When does debt collection become harassment?

If you are like many people in Tennessee, and elsewhere, who are struggling with credit card debt, then debt collectors have likely contacted you. While it is the job of these agencies to get you to pay the amounts owed on your accounts, there are limits to the methods they can use. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, prohibits certain collection practices, which are considered abusive, deceptive or unfair.

What is the Credit CARD Act?

If you are like many people in Davidson, and throughout Tennessee, then you likely have at least one credit card. As a credit card consumer, the federal Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act, also known as the Credit CARD Act, provides you certain protections. This law, which was signed into effect in May of 2009, was created in response to the need for reform in the credit card market.

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