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Planning on filing for bankruptcy? Avoid these like the plague!

For some reason, there's always been somewhat of a stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy. People living in Middle Tennessee or anywhere else in the nation often hesitate to use this legal option for fear of what others might think, or that they'll appear as financial failures to loved ones. If you're one of these people, you might find it surprising to learn that many financial advisers believe people who file for bankruptcy often wind up more financially stable than those who don't.

Trump puts the financial reform of the Great Recession in his crosshairs

Those who remember the Great Recession of 2008 (quite a hefty economic collapse second only to the Great Depression) will recognize names like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Did we forget so soon the Great Recession? The fate of the Consumer Protection Bureau in 2017

In the face of a coming Trump administration, the New York Times writes that Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, "braces for a reckoning" amid Republican lawmakers' calls for a change in leadership structure - or outright elimination of the young federal agency altogether.

What we know about the Wells Fargo scandal

In a September 2016 Senate hearing, Sen. Elizabeth Warren grilled Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf about the bank's strategy of cross-selling - selling additional products to existing customers, such as mortgages or credit lines - and how this strategy ultimately led to an ongoing investigation and millions in fines levied by the Consumer Financial Protection Board, with more likely to come.

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