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Why do you need an attorney to file for bankruptcy protection?

Well, you don't. Federal law, which governs bankruptcy, permits individuals to file bankruptcy on their own, without an attorney. The question you have to ask yourself whether you feel confident with dealing with the process, from completing the necessary paperwork to dealing with the trustee and the federal bankruptcy court to do this without an attorney.

Is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy your best choice?

Deciding to file a bankruptcy is never an easy question. While you may want to fulfill all of your obligations, your finances may have gotten out of hand. If you have lost a job or change jobs, perhaps at a lower level of income, your cash flow may no longer support all of your obligations.

Tennessee bankruptcy filings and foreclosures decrease in 2014

As the economy improves, the bankruptcy rate has inched downwards, even in states like Tennessee, where the number of bankruptcy filings dropped 7 percent in 2014. The good news is mixed, however, as Tennessee still ranked first in the nation for bankruptcy filings.

Can I discharge student loans in bankruptcy? Pt.2

Last time, we discussed how the "undue hardship" standard for discharging student loans in bankruptcy is difficult for many borrowers to meet. While you may not be able to discharge student loan debt in a bankruptcy, a bankruptcy may still provide help for your dire financial situation.

Scraping by on $300,000 a year

Bankruptcy has many causes. You may become divorced and suddenly be challenged to maintain a family home and other expenses that overwhelm your budget. An accident that damages your ability to work and earn an income can leave you unable to pay many existing bills.

Exit plan for historic bankruptcy case wins court's approval

We don't typically write about large organization bankruptcies. Our focus is on serving the needs of individual consumers in Tennessee who too often find themselves overwhelmed by debt and desperately seeking relief. For many the protections of bankruptcy are the best way to stop threats of foreclosure, repossession and garnished wages.

Some steps to rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy filing

We have written before about the misconceptions many have about the fallout from filing bankruptcy. One thing uppermost in the minds of many who may be struggling with debt issues is whether filing for bankruptcy will wind up sending their credit scores into the coal scuttles.

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