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How Credit After Bankruptcy Works

While filing for bankruptcy will have an impact on your credit, filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will never be able to get credit again. It certainly does not mean that you will never qualify for a home, a car or other consumer items in the future. In fact, many people who file for bankruptcy are at a safer credit risk after filing for bankruptcy than they were when they were missing payments and facing potential default or foreclosure.

At the law firm of Rothschild & Ausbrooks, our attorneys help clients understand what happens after the bankruptcy process is finished and what impact that bankruptcy will have on credit. We can also inform you about what your credit score means and what a good credit score is for obtaining a loan in the future. Many of our clients receive offers for credit cards only weeks or months after their debts are discharged and are eligible for car and home loans within a year or two of the process.

Experienced Goodlettsville Bankruptcy Lawyers

If the process of bankruptcy completely ruined the ability to get credit in the future, bankruptcy would not be an effective tool. Fortunately, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are both tools that have helped millions of people rebuild and restart their financial future and have done so by restoring the credit of those who have filed.

It will take time, and there will be challenges along the way toward reestablishing a strong credit score. However, by putting you in a position to be successful and making responsible choices along the line, bankruptcy can provide effective debt relief.

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