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Sudden job loss can lead to various personal struggles

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Job loss may not have been something that you ever thought about seriously. After all, you felt that you had a fairly secure job and may have even held it for several years. Unfortunately, like many people in Tennessee and across the country, you recently found yourself blindsided by layoffs and other events that suddenly left you without employment and income.

This time can certainly feel like a rollercoaster. You may feel emotionally distraught over this turn of events and wonder how you will move forward. You likely have bills, household needs and family obligations to handle, and without a steady stream of income, you may feel overwhelmed.

Common after-effects of job loss

Because many people do not think about unexpectedly losing their job, they may not understand how that event would affect them. You may even be struggling to determine how you should feel during this ordeal. It may help to know that the following effects of job loss are common:

  • Feeling grief
  • Wanting to withdraw from others
  • Feeling disconnected from friends, many of whom you may have made through work
  • Wanting to handle the issues alone
  • Feeling stress, depression and anxiety
  • Letting your personal well-being fall to the wayside

Though these issues are common, they do not have to rule your life. You can reach out for support from friends and family members who will likely feel happy to help in any way they can. You can also make sure that you exercise and eat well to prevent negative health effects from stress.

Remain proactive

It is easy to want to beat yourself up or think of ways that your actions resulted in your job loss. In reality, some matters are simply beyond your control. Still, you can remain proactive by continuing to search for new employment, budgeting your spending to account for the lack of income and maintaining a positive outlook overall.

If you do find yourself struggling financially due to losing your job, significant debt may accumulate more quickly than anticipated. If you feel that you cannot get out from under this debt on your own, it may be in your interests to gain information on your bankruptcy options. Taking this route could help you find relief from financial strain during an already stressful time in your life.


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