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How Tennessee residents can deal with unexpected medical debt

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Have you ever been to the emergency room for something like a broken bone, or have you ever had to stay in the hospital overnight because of a surgery you needed? If so, you are like many in Tennessee who find themselves dealing with expensive and often overwhelming medical bills. Even getting minor medical care can be costly, especially for those needing emergency treatment. 

And who do you know who plans financially for a medical catastrophy? Most people only have enough liquid assets to cover a month or two of bills. In many cases, people need medical treatment before they have had time to financially prepare for such a monumental cost. You may find that you have bills coming in and a debt burden that you can never hope to overcome on your own. If you are facing this seemingly hopeless situation, you are not alone. There are options available to you, including the possibility of securing a better future through bankruptcy.

The toll of unpaid medical bills

One woman learned the hard way how significant the toll of unpaid medical debt can be. She needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix, and she went to a medical facility that told her they accepted her insurance. In reality, the facility accepted her insurance, but the surgeon did not. As a result, she received a bill for almost $5,000 a few months later.

She was unable to pay, and the bill went into collections. Two years after her surgery, she found herself with a lien against her house and dealing with garnishment of 25 percent of her paycheck each month. These will remain until she has paid the debt. This one situation illustrates the impact of medical debt that many Americans are dealing with.

A growing concern

Experts believe that one significant concern with medical debt pertains to the way that doctors and hospitals charge patients, particularly those who are not in network. Often, people are completely unaware of the fact that a doctor may not take their insurance until it is too late. Doctors, however, allege that the problem lies in the way insurance companies handle claims.

What can you do?

This woman’s story may sound very familiar to you. You may be dealing with extensive medical bills due to a procedure that you needed. If you are struggling with debt and have no hope of ever overcoming these challenges on your own, you may consider the benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

Consumer bankruptcy is a viable way by which you can deal with certain types of unsecured debt and secure a better financial future. If you are drowning in medical debt, you may find it helpful to seek a complete evaluation of your case and learn more about the options available to you.


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