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Former governor's first lady files Chapter 13 bankruptcy

It might be easy for those in Nashville who are struggling with debt to think that the answer to their problems is to simply make more money. This no doubt comes from the perception that an abundance of income can easily overcome one's liabilities. Yet there are countless cases out there suggesting the contrary. People at all income levels may be subject to financial struggles, many of which are due to a plethora of circumstances. Some might be saddled with unexpected medical expenses; others might simply struggle in effectively managing their money. Then there are those who face a seemingly perfect storm of dire financial circumstances. 

Such seems to be the case with a former first lady of the state of Oregon. Her financial woes may be traced back to 2014, when question arose about the propriety of her mixing elements of her public role as first lady with her private business. A local news publication attempted to secure her emails, to which she sued in an attempt to conceal them. She lost and was ultimately ordered to pay over $125,000 in legal fees. Apparently, she was struggling to line up work for her career at the time, which prompted her fiance (the governor) to deposit funds in her account to help her meet her expenses. This influence-peddling scandal would eventually force him from office. Her troubles (which have prompted her to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy) could be compounded if the current investigation into her conduct by the state's government ethics commission results in further fines. 

When one's financial struggles begin to appear overwhelming, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be his or her best course of action to repay creditors while halting further collection activities. Those considering such action, however, may first wish to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. 

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