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Older individuals: Are you ready to face your debt?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Blog

Whether you are approaching retirement or have already retired, you likely understand that your income will become fixed in a way that can make it more difficult to obtain extra funds in the event that you need them.

Of course, even with this increased awareness, you could still find yourself facing tremendous financial difficulties at some point. In fact, older people are facing more debt issues than other age demographics. Fortunately, understanding actions that could harm financial security and ways to address substantial debt may help you deal with your financial issues.

Helping family or friends

You may consider yourself a giving person, and if you learn that a family or friend may need financial help, you may feel more than willing to offer assistance. However, if you do not have the actual means to provide that help without causing financial detriment to yourself, you could easily wind up in a difficult spot. In fact, helping younger family members with college tuition is a common action that leads older parties into financial difficulty.

Fixed income

As mentioned, you will likely soon be living on or are already living on a very fixed income. As a result, when you end up in a situation where you lose money, loan or gift money, or have to contend with a costly emergency, you may find your funds quickly becoming depleted. This could lead to your turning to credit cards in hopes of making ends meet until you can once again build a savings.

Untracked spending

Another issue that could cause monetary difficulties relates to not tracking your spending. You may feel that you have your expenses under control, but if you have a gambling habit or other costly hobby, you may quickly end up in a hard position if you face considerable losses. Again, this type of problem could lead to an over reliance on credit cards.

Dealing with debt

Any of these and other situations could easily lead to an increased accumulation of debt. You, as an older individual, may feel particularly concerned about your situation because you could think that you have few options for addressing your liabilities. Fortunately, information on your bankruptcy options could still prove useful to you. Therefore, you may want to utilize local legal resources to find out more information about the method that may best suit your circumstances.


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