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Tools to help small businesses survive economic downturns

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Chapter 7

There are several ways that a struggling New Jersey business owner can keep their business afloat even when facing economic stress. Implementing money management monitoring and keeping an observant eye on income and stock can make a difference.

However, one should also make sure that inventories aren’t put in a chokehold. Being overly cautious with stock and product can stifle the monetary flow of a business. This leads to potential issues such as a loss of revenue as old clients drop, or difficulty bringing in new clients. Drawing in business is important in dry times, but it is also important to be aware that income will dip regardless. Holding more tightly to stock because of that will only hurt the business owner. The Small Business Administration also states that it is important to reduce any pre-existing debts as much as possible.

Sometimes debt reduction is not feasible and those debts become a bigger problem. This is when a small business owner may want to consider filing for bankruptcy to take some of the financial heat off. In spite of what some may believe, owners of businesses can still recover even after they have been forced to file bankruptcy. The United States Courts show that bankruptcy may help give a floundering business the boost they need to get out of the red. Even if a bankrupt business has to shut down, the owner may recover and move on to more successful endeavors in the future.

The decision to file for bankruptcy may not be for everyone. However, it may be the answer that some small business owners are looking for if they need the extra help. The other monetary management options may be of use in the meantime.


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