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Getting together the papers necessary for bankruptcy filing

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2015 | Chapter 7

Many people who have never filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy before may not be aware of the fact one cannot simply declare they are bankrupt without going through a process. There are many steps that must be taken first in order to make the bankruptcy official. Additionally, there is a fair amount of paperwork to fill out.

First of all, there are a number of documents that are required of anyone who wants to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Tennessee’s branch of the United States Bankruptcy Courts states that all types of bankruptcy require certain basic documents. These documents include a filing fee or a waiver for the filing fee, and the Statement of Social Security Number. A person will also need to include the information of the creditors that they owe. Information can include things like their addresses, names and the amount of money that is owed to each individual creditor.

There are also several different forms that are more specific to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The United States Courts have listed out all of the forms that are necessary. They include the B1 Voluntary Petition, the B6 Summary and Schedule Cover Sheet, and the B8 Chapter 7 Statement of Intention that’s meant for individual debtors. Depending on the state that a person lives in, there may be other forms that are also required. It is important to do research so that every necessary paper is filled and filed.

Looking into bankruptcy can be difficult and complex. Having an extra hand with the paperwork might help, especially because filling just one thing out incorrectly can set a person back in the filing process. It is best to examine everything critically from the start to make the filing process as smooth as possible.


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