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Rothschild & Ausbrooks announces BBB accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is an independent agency that has been looking out for consumers’ interests since 1912. The BBB reviews businesses to see if they meet the Bureau’s rigorous standards of excellence in customer service, and then endorses those businesses that qualify. Consumers can have confidence that giving their patronage to businesses that have BBB accreditation means they will be dealt with fairly. The attorneys at Rothschild & Ausbrooks are pleased to announce that they have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau of middle Tennessee and eastern Kentucky.

BBB accreditation standards

The BBB has identified several key criteria involved in excellent customer service. In order to be endorsed by the BBB, a business must demonstrate that it:

  • Built trust by maintaining a positive track record in the market: A business needs to have operated for at least 12 months in the market where it seeks accreditation, fully licensed and bonded and free from government actions indicating unethical business practices to attain accreditation.
  • Advertises honestly: A business endorsed by the BBB complies with federal and state advertising laws, as well as the BBB Code of Advertising.
  • Makes full disclosures about goods, services and terms to consumers: BBB endorsed businesses avoid misrepresentation and obfuscation in dealing with customers.
  • Operates the business transparently: BBB accredited businesses reveal all costs associated with their goods and services, as well as the company’s return or refund policy.
  • Honors all written and verbal agreements and representations: A BBB business fulfills all contractual obligations and works to remedy any misrepresentations.
  • Is responsive and addresses disputes swiftly and with good faith efforts at reaching resolutions: BBB accredited businesses deal with consumer complaints promptly and professionally, and agree to use BBB mediation if the situation warrants.
  • Safeguards consumers’ privacy: Businesses must secure sensitive data, including any data it collects about customers.
  • Handles all business transactions with integrity: Businesses endorsed by the BBB deal ethically with all customers and avoid associations with organizations that cast a pall on the reputation of BBB members.

About Rothschild & Ausbrooks

Rothschild & Ausbrooks proudly serves Goodlettsville and surrounding communities. The firm’s board certified bankruptcy attorneys help consumers who are overwhelmed with debt make a fresh financial start. The attorneys pride themselves on helping their clients navigate the often complex bankruptcy process, providing support through every stage. The firm’s attorneys make it a point to educate their clients about all aspects of bankruptcy and other debt relief options so that their clients can be confident that they are making the best choice for their individual circumstances.

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