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You Can Rely On Our Experienced Team To Guide You Confidently Through The Bankruptcy Process.

Keep in contact with your bankruptcy attorney

Once a person has made the decision to file for bankruptcy protection, it can be a relief to know that an experienced attorney is handling matters. Many find they have much less stress after hiring a bankruptcy attorney because they no longer have to wrestle with their financial issues on a daily basis. However, some people take things to the extreme and forget to maintain communication with their bankruptcy attorneys – which can create more problems in the future.

Dealing with creditors

One of the benefits of having an attorney’s assistance with the bankruptcy process is that the lawyer can deal with creditors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents creditors from speaking with a person who has filed a bankruptcy petition with the assistance of an attorney. Creditors need to direct all communications to the person’s lawyer. A person should inform creditors they need to talk to his or her attorney after filing bankruptcy if creditors persist with their harassment after the bankruptcy filing.

People should speak to their attorneys before agreeing to make any payments to creditors who contact them. Many debt collectors lie to consumers in efforts to collect debts, and say that the debts they are trying to collect will not go away after bankruptcy so making payment is a good idea. Many consumers have been tricked into making payments that they should not have made on unsecured non-priority debts that would have been eliminated in the bankruptcy discharge. An attorney can advise a person which of his or her bills he or she should keep making payments on after filing bankruptcy.

Understanding the bankruptcy process

Bankruptcy can be complex and may seem overwhelming. Keeping in regular contact with an attorney can help a person understand the different stages of the bankruptcy process and what he or she needs to accomplish at each step. Many people have questions about what happens at a 341 Meeting of Creditors, what the hearing is like, how the debt discharge works and how long the process will take. An attorney will be able to answer all of these questions, helping to make the process less stressful and improve the chances that a person will complete all the necessary steps successfully to obtain a debt discharge.

Considering bankruptcy?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt and feel like you have no options, speak with a board-certified bankruptcy attorney who can discuss all of your debt relief options with you.

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I know you are working diligently for me and my family. It means EVERYTHING to us, and you have been so gracious in your efforts.

Thank you for that, as well as your entire staff. Remarkable.

-Kevin M.

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